Whether it is e-bike or muscle bike, full or front the mountain bike is the ideal bike to discover the Ligurian territory in all its beauty.
We organize daily or half-day excursions designed according to your skills, whether you are beginners or expert bikers we will make you spend an unforgettable experience.


We will accompany you along the historic climbs of Milano-San Remo or the Laigueglia trophy to retrace the deeds of the champions who have been challenging each other on our roads for over a century or more simply we will discover the coast along the famous San Remo cycle path entirely overlooking the sea.


Our MTB courses are aimed at anyone, from the novice beginner to the biker who wants to improve.
Private lessons can also be booked on request at any time.
You will be taught the various ascent and descent techniques, the basic positions, the technique to better face the curves and much more.
Our goal is to allow you to improve .. while having fun



We particularly care about the practice of our sport by the little ones, in fact we manage a MTB school that has more than 70 registered children.
We organize tours dedicated to children, without excessive technical difficulties and with the possibility of learning basic techniques.


A week teaching MTB, in a hotel or in a refuge, away from home and parents but with many friends and with trained technicians and educators who take care of the children.
What could be better to spend a period of leisure during the summer that turns into a unique experience?


  • The maximum number of customers for a guide is 8, in case of a greater number of people a second guide will be necessary.
  • It is mandatory to have with you a water reserve of at least 1 liter and something to eat (e.g. bars or gel)
  • It is necessary to have a repair kit with you (inner tube or canister)
  • It is necessary to have clothing suitable for the seasonal climate and ALWAYS a wind / rain jacket
  • The customer will be asked to sign a disclaimer and a release on image rights, he must also indicate any pathologies, allergies etc.
  • It is advisable for the customer to have personal RC and accident insurance, if he is not in possession of it we can advise how to take out a daily one.
  • The tours are decided by the guide according to the needs and capabilities of the customers, the guide reserves the right (unquestionable) to modify the itinerary for safety reasons and / or other reasons.
  • Before departure, a check will be made on the bikes, if the guide deems the vehicle unsuitable, the customer will not be able to participate in the excursion.